Donut Tempt Me

This design is a fun play on words! You can either take it as a warning to not be tempted or that you simply are tempted by donuts (or whatever else)! This is a fantastic gift for those in your life who love puns and witty word-play, as well as those who love donuts, sweets, baking, or maybe who say, "Don't tempt me!" a lot. If that's you or someone you know, grab it and laugh about it with your friends and family! Available now in various prints through ArtStation, and it will soon be available for print on many other kinds of products through Redbubble and The RAC Store.

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The inspiration for this was the fact that I love using word puns, and I happened to have a 3D project where I modeled 3 donuts in Zbrush, and I was inspired to use them as a center-piece image in this fun pun, which comes across as playful and like an amusing warning phrase. The donuts were modeled and painted within Zbrush, and the rest of the design was created in Photoshop with a drawing tablet. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends!

No AI was used to create this design.

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